Objectives of Amino Acid Treatment

Experts clearly agree that amino acids will be the most effective compounds in the treatment of neurological diseases in the upcoming years. Amino acids ensure regeneration and reorganization processes of neurons. Certain amino acids have the role of neurotransmitters with a stimulating or suppressing function according to the type of transmission. Administration of amino acid compounds activates transmission of the neural signal between the individual neurons, normalizes excitation and inhibition processes (the basis of brain function) and also activates “dormant” back-up neurons. Amino acids activate growth and differentiation of new nerve cells in the event of a nerve cell deficit caused by cell death, resulting from hypoxia and ischemia, cerebral hemorrhage or toxic damage. They slow down the process of apoptosis, a programmed cell death. Through these effects, amino acids are essential in the treatment of various neurological disorders.

For many years, the accepted dogma was that new nerve cells cannot be produced in the brain and the brain tissue is not able to regenerate, unlike other tissues of the human body. However, new discoveries refute this rule. Scientists from the USA and Sweden (Fred H. Gage, G. Campervan, 1998, 2008) published a new discovery – that an adult human brain regularly produces new neurons at least in one part of the human brain known as the hippocampus, which takes part in the formation of memory and during the learning process. The capability of producing new nerve cells, along with other reorganization processes on the adult brain, opens new perspectives for the therapy of neurological diseases.

The role of amino acids in the brain function has been generally known for many years, while development in amino acid combinations from several components enabled the increase of their effectiveness. Administration of amino acids is associated with normalization of the muscle tone, improved movement activity and coordination of movements and fine motor function. Formation and regeneration of motor and intellectual functions have been reported and a considerable improvement of memory, speech, concentration and perception has been observed. Administration of amino acid compounds facilitates elimination of consequences of stress and chronic fatigue syndrome. In healthy individuals, it increases to a certain extent intellectual effectiveness, concentration of perception and improves the ability to obtain information, as well as memory. In senior individuals, amino acids slow down the process of natural loss of the neural tissue.

For many years, the Center of Amino Acid Treatment in Prague has been providing effective help with the following diseases: